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Urgent Issues

  • To challenge the out of date (1998) ICNIRP Guidelines which do NOT protect adequately the public from chronic adverse health effects and to set new lower levels in accordance with practice in other countries.
  • To secure EU / UK funding for independent research on WIFI and into the problems of electro-hypersensitivity.
  • Challenge your sitting MP on their policy and attitude towards the unregulated proliferation of base station and WIFI without enquiry. The Seven Pillars (PDF 133Kb) can provide you with questions - see what your MPs' responses are of the Issues on Electromagnetic Radiation and the roll-out of WIFI in schools without any proper research or control whatsoever.
  • Lobby The Department of Communities and Local Government - Yvette Cooper MP, Minister for Planning and Ian Wright, Under Secretary through;

    Katie Jones
    3J3 Eland House
    Bressenden Place
    London SW1E 5DY

    Tel: 0207 944 6530
    Email: katie.jones@communities.gsi.gov.uk

    to change now the out of date and out of touch guidance to Local Planning Authorities in PPG8 and to align new guidance with the precautionary approach of The Stewart Report as published in January 2005.

    The Telecommunications and Masts Bill promoted by Andrew Stunell fell in October 2007. The Government have launched a new Planning Bill in December which could be amended to implement the recommendations of The All Party Mobile Group Report of July 2004 and bring in sanctions as existing in Australia for mobile phone operators that flout the consultation process and covertly change the characteristics/output of masts as the 10 Commitments have no sanctions!
  • With some millions of young users currently in the UK, challenge the manufacturers of mobile phones to alert at the point of sale, parents and children to the potential dangers of over-use of phones including giving packaging warnings.
  • Provide the public with greater patency about the siting, beam intensity and direction of the 47,000 masts in the UK. The industry should be made to publish (and be damned!) the clear facts about the emission levels and the direction of all their masts and also the output form WIFI technology, with regular independent reviews ahead of any renewal of permission or licence to site any particular mast.
  • The current stand off between the Information Commissioner, Ofcom and the mobile phone operators on the up-dating of Site finder is unacceptable and requires immediate resolution by the Minister.

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