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8th September - Day One

Day 1 Programme - Download PDF Programme Day One

Session 1
08:30 Registration and coffee (Kohn Centre, Royal Society)
09:00 Open Day One -Why the RRT called this meeting - Download Introduction (144 KB .pdf)
Eileen O'Connor : Trustee, Radiation Research Trust
09:15 Welcome panel & open session
Chair : Ian Gibson MP : Trustee, Radiation Research Trust
09:20 The Stewart Report - then, now and the foreseeable future - Download Speaker Notes (34 KB .pdf)
Sir William Stewart : Chairman, UK Health Protection Agency
09:45 Using science to make decisions on EMF policy - Download Presentation (2.62 MB .pdf)
Michael Repacholi : Dept. Electronic Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza" & coordinator of the WHO EMF Project from 1996-2006
10:10 The BioInitiative Report - Download Presentation (65 KB .pdf)
David Carpenter : Director, Institute for Health & Environment, University at Albany, USA
10:35 Assessments of epidemiological research in the context of EMF - Download Presentation (561 KB .pdf)
Anders Ahlbom : Institute of Environmental Medicine, KarolinskaInstitute and Stockholm Centre for Public Health
11:00 Discussion & questions (20 minutes)
11:20 Refreshment break (20 minutes)

Session 2
11:40 Welcome panel & open session
Chair : Joe Benton MP
11:45 Recent Studies on the Biological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields - Download Presentation (48 KB .pdf)
Henry Lai : Bioengineering Department, University of Washington, USA
12:05 Health Effects, Guidelines and Uncertainty - Download Abstract (11 KB .pdf)
Zenon Sienkiewicz : Radiation Protection Division, UK Health Protection Agency

12:25 Brain tumour studies - Download Presentation (155 KB .pdf)
Lennart Hardell : Oncologist at University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden

12:45 EMF and health - what future research is needed? - Download Presentation (48 KB .pdf)
David Coggan : Chairman UK MTHR programme and Professor at Southampton University
13:05 Discussion & questions (25 minutes)
13:30 End of morning session (45 minutes for lunch)

Session 3: Electrosensitivity
14:15 Welcome panel & open session
Chair : Phil Willis MP
14:20 UK report on ES from the view of people who are affected
Brian Stein : Trustee, Radiation Research Trust, UK
14:35 Aspects of studies on the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity - Download Summary (30 KB .pdf)
Olle Johansson : Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
15:55 Idiopathic environmental intolerance - electrical sensitivity - Download Presentation (363 KB .pdf) - Additional Notes (30 KB .pdf)
James Rubin : Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital, Kings College London
15:15 Cognitive and neurobiologicalalterations in ES people
Michael Landgrebe & Ulrich Frick, (Joint presentation) : Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics, and Psychotherapy, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
15:35 Discussion & Questions (25 minutes)
16:00 Tea break (20 minutes)

Session 4
16:20 Welcome panel & open session
Chair : Dr Caroline Lucas : Green Party MEP, Trustee, Radiation Research Trust
16:25 Paradigm Shifts: 20th Century guidelines, 21st Century Science - Download Presentation (740 KB .pdf)
Grahame Blackwell : Consultant Engineer and Scientist, UK
16:50 Closing Speech
Dr Caroline Lucas MEP : Trustee, Radiation Research Trust
17:00 Close - day one

9th September - Day Two

Day 2 Programme - Download PDF Programme Day Two

Session 5
08:30 Coffee & registration
09:00 Opening Day 2 speech & welcome panel
Chair : Senator Mark Daly : Parliament of Ireland
09:10 Protecting the public from EMFs: An EU perspective - Download Presentation (511 KB .pdf)
Laurent Bontoux
09:35 Mobile phones and base stations - an industry perspective - Download Presentation (222 KB .pdf)
Mike Dolan : Director, Mobile Operators Association, UK
10:00 What's missing in current studies and post-market surveillance? - Download Presentation (87 KB .pdf)
George Carlo : Director, Safe Wireless Initiative, USA
10.25 Interphone Brain Tumors Studies To Date - Download Presentation (165 KB .pdf)
Lloyd Morgan : Director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States
10:50 Discussion & questions (30 minutes)
11:20 Coffee (20 minutes)

Session 6: Standards
11:40 Welcome panel and open session
Chair : Michael Repacholi
11:45 ICNIRP and International standards - Download Presentation (408 KB .pdf)
Paolo Vecchia : Chairman, ICNIRP and Institute of Health, Rome
12:10 The precautionary approach to exposure levels in different countries - Download Presentation (819 KB .pdf)
Gerd Oberfeld : Public Health Department, Federal State of Salzburg, Austria
12:35 Russian NCNIRP Guidance. New condition of EMF RF exposure and guarantee of population health - Download Abstract (142 KB .pdf)
Yury Grigoriev : Chairman RNCNIRP, Russian Federal Medical Biophysical Centre of Russia, FMBA, Moscow
13:00 Discussion & questions (30 minutes)
13:30 End of morning session

Session 7
14:15 Welcome panel and open session
Chair : Lembit Öpik MP
14:20 Current assessment of the human volunteer laboratory studies - Download Presentation (337 KB .pdf)
Maila Hietanen : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
14:40 Health Effects associated with Mobile Phone Base Stations - Download Presentation (1.64 MB .pdf)
Michael Kundi: Institute of Environmental Health, Medical University of Vienna
15:00 EMF effects on Bees, animals and humans - Download Presentation (4.07 MB .pdf)
Ulrich Warnke : Natural Sciences and Technology faculty, University of Saarland, Germany
15:20 Precautionary approaches and the SAGE experience - Download Abstract (126 KB .pdf)
Mike O'Carroll : University of Sunderland, UK
15:40 Discussion & questions (20 minutes)
16:00 Coffee (20 minutes)

Session 8: The way forward
16:20 Welcome panel and open session
Chair : Andrew Mitchell MP
16:25 The WHO International EMF Project: The road ahead - Download Presentation (2.05 MB .pdf)
Emilie Van Deventer : Team Leader of the Radiation program at the World Health Organization (WHO)
16:50 How to Protect the Public? Standards of Evidence and Levels of Proof for Taking Action - Download Presentation (137 KB .pdf)
Cindy Sage : Sage Associates
17:15 Questions & General Discussion including areas of agreement what can we do? (40 minutes)
17:55 Summing up from Andrew Mitchell MP
18:05 Summing up of two days from Dr. Ian Gibson MP
18:20 Mike Bell : Radiation Research Trust Chairman, closing speech and thank you - Download Speech (86 KB .pdf)
18:30 Close of conference

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