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Final Evaluation of the Conference

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On 8th & 9th September, the Radiation Research Trust brought together leading experts in the fields of science, politics and regulation from across the globe to debate the health effects of electromagnetic fields. This was the first time that such a conference was organised to include experts from both sides of the health debate (those that believe electromagnetic fields have negative effects on health and those that believe the opposite is true).

Entitled 'Electromagnetic fields and health a global issue', the conference took place at the Royal Society, and was attended by a number of highly prominent speakers. These included speakers from world establishments such as ICNIRP, WHO, RNCNIRP and national bodies such as the UK Health Protection Agency and the MTHR. They were joined by scientists, politicians, lawyers and concerned citizens, each offering differing viewpoints in order to encourage discussion around risk assessment, precautionary measures, social policy and areas where further research is required.

The conference produced a number of informative presentations on a wide variety of issues related to electromagnetic radiation. Topics covered included the effects of mobile phone base stations, brain tumour studies, studies on electro-sensitivity and electromagnetic fields effects on animals and humans.

The conference was organised by the Radiation Research Trust with the aim of developing appropriate precautionary guidance so that policy-makers can make the best decisions about regulation and give clear and appropriate advice to the public, in particular parents, young people and those with environmental sensitivities.

Eileen O'Connor, Trustee at the Radiation Research Trust, said:

"The conference was extremely successful in gathering some of the World's leading speakers and organisations with expertise in electromagnetic radiation, sparking debate on public policy and the precautionary approach. Now we need to collectively agree on the way forward, filling in the gaps in scientific research and whilst doing this, looking at ways to keep the public informed of potential risks with appropriate precautionary advice."

The RRT is producing conference proceedings which will follow later on this year.

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Dr Ian Gibson, Labour MP and trustee for the Radiation Research Trust extended a warm welcome, inviting guests to join him for dinner at Westminster.

All speakers and organisers of the conference at Westminster

Photograph taken at Westminster Monday 8th September, 2008

News coverage from the RRT conference

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